As another small diversion here is a bit about nothing really important

I thought we would have a look at the part number 32112-329-000 which is the little metal cable holder for the wires from the stator that lives on the top of the crankcase near the engine number, which Honda call a cramper.

or maybe your looks more like this one

I saw this one for sale on eBay USA for $6.50

The curved part only of this clamp (or 'Cramper, a.c.gen.' as Honda call it) this should be covered in black plastic to avoid damaging the cable harness it holds. As you can see above after so many years the black covering can be in poor shape or missing. You can however replace it with this wonder stuff called Plasti Dip, its a solvent based liquid plastic so it dries quite quickly, and can be applied in several coats. I gave this 2 coats.

How nice is that?

As ever, you can buy it on t'bay. It would be good to use to revive part number 50712-385-000 too.

There is another 'Cramper' for the points wire at the top of the engine, which on mine is not dipped with the black coating, but I have not seen a better/newer one so I am not certain but I would have thought it would have been. Anyone got a mint one and can let me know? Or better still send a nice sharp picture which I can add to the photos in the Parts List. One of my engines is missing this altogether, and they are hard to find and of course not available from Honda.

I haven't used this product before, and the results are very pleasing, so I just thought I would share this with you.

Thank you for reading thus far.