Honda XL250K3 Parts

My library of photos of Honda XL250K3 parts or 'what does it really look like?'

Sometimes when you want a part or want to refinish a part, it is hard to get a picture of what it looks like, and there is only the line drawing in the parts book to go by. Getting pictures of new items, or used original items is time consuming so I am going to list here the ones I have put in my on-line library and put them in Honda Part Number order. This is a bit tedious so it will take a while, and I will add new ones as and when I find them or can take them. Click a part number to see a picture. To save a picture, right click and select 'save image as'. Some photos are quite high resolution so be patient while they load especially if you have a slow internet connection.

There is a good explanation of Honda Parts Codes in the front of the Parts List (green book above) or HERE . As many parts are from the earlier XL250 they will have the middle number 329, and parts made specifically in the first instance for the K3 have middle number 385, and so on. If I have a good picture of an earlier part or a 350 part, I have included it anyway. When I can I try to show new parts often with the Honda parts label, but this isn't always possible.

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This is not a complete list (there are 1244 parts in the UK green book!) but I keep adding to it when I find a new one. I sometimes include the USA variant.They are meant to be for reference, and to aid part recognition. Sometimes I have only a poor piccy so when I find a better one I update it.

According to CMSL only 156 of the parts are unavailable. That's pretty amazing.

Lots of Honda bikes use the same parts, but on one bike the part may be painted black, and on another the same part may be zinc plated, so the last part of the part number would be different. You can always paint a zinc one black.....


If you have a photo of a part to add send it to me rich.prentice (at) and I will add it with pleasure.

Shhh! secret tip.....I refer to this a lot so to save myself time scrolling down the homepage, you can get here by clicking Stan and Ollie too.

06110-386-010 gasket set A

06111-386-000 gasket set B

11110-329-770 breather plate

11100-386-000 and 1200-386-000 top and bottom crankcases

11330-385-000 Right side crankcase cover brand new

11342-385-000 stator side cover

11351-385-000 sprocket cover

11353-356-000 crankcase guard as can be seen there are different finishes used

11391-329-000 clutch adjuster rubber bung

11394-356-000 gasket

11395-329-306 gasket

11431-376-000 stator cover

12100-356-010 brand new XL350 head

12023-356-305 valve guide

12191-376-000 gasket

12209-329-000 sealing cap inside head

12209-333-005 valve stem oil seal

12251-329-770 head gasket

12351-329-000 tappet cover

12351-329-770 earlier K0 tappet cover 770 means silver painted not polished

12361-107-000 Oil filter cover now superceded by 12361-383-000

12392-329-000 tappet cover O ring

12401-356-010 tacho idler gear

12420-329-700 and 12410-385-000 tacho drive

12431-385-000 Tacho drive pinion

12431-385-000 and 93700-06025-02 tacho driveshaft and screw

12620-329-000 anti ringing head fins damper

13021-329-005 piston rings

13101-329-000 piston

13102-329-000 piston

13111-329-010 gudgeon pin

13351-329-300 crankshaft pin

14101-329-040 camshaft

14321-329-000 camshaft sprocket

14401-286-000 camchain

14431-329-010 rocker

14414-329-000 cam chain set plate

14441-386-000 rocker

14451-385-000 rockershaft

14510-329-000 camchain tensioner

14515-329-000 camchain tensioner setting nut

14561-391-000 rubber cover cam chain tensioner adjuster

14611-376-000 camchain tensioner guide

14711-329-010 and 14721-320-000 valve set

14721-329-000 valve

14751-329-005 valve spring

14771-329-000 valve spring seats

14776-329-000 valve spring seat washer

14781-107-003 valve collets

15100-356-000 oil pump complete

15111-329-010 oil pump body

15122-329-010 oil pump rotor

15123-329-010 oil pump impeller

15129-329-010 oil pump gasket

15421-329-000 oil strainer

15441-362-000 oil filter rotor

15450-329-000 oil filter cap

15650-376-000 dipstick

15706-385-000 and associated parts breather tubes etc

15713-356-000 breather tube

15772-376-000 breather tube 'T' piece

16011-329-004 carb float jet set

16013-329-004 carb floats

16100-386-004 carburettor

16111-329-004 slide

16211-356-000 350 inlet manifold offset bolt holes

16211-386-000 inlet manifold

16950-356-700 petrol tap/fuelcock

16952-028-000 petrol tap bowl

16955-028-004 petrol tap seal

16957-028-000 petrol tap strainer

16997-272-000 seal

17212-385-000 end, air filter

17217-385-000 air filter retaining spring

17220-385-000 and 87506-340-670 air filter box cover and label

17250-385-000 air chamber

17253-385-000 air chamber guide

17510-385-305 fuel tank

17611-286-000 tank mount rubber (front)

17613-385-000 tank mount rubber (rear)

17620-373-010 fuel tank cap

17631-259-000 fuel cap seal

17631-259-000 (older, cork) fuel cap seal

17910-385-000 throttle cable

17920-385-700 throttle cable

18233-318-000 exhaust collets

18282-385-000 exhaust stay

18292-329-000 washer

18320-386-000 exhaust pipe

18313-385-000 rubber washer

18325-385-000 exhaust pipe heat guard

18335-385-000 exhaust rear heat guard

18340-386-000 exhaust front chromed heat guard

18345-386-000 exhaust under heat guard

18371-385-000 and 90116-391-670 clamp and M8 bolt

18391-318-000 exhaust pipe gasket

22120-329-010 clutch centre

22100-356-000 clutch basket

22201-286-010 clutch plate

22350-329-000 clutch cover

22810-356-000 clutch actuation lever

22815-329-000 spring clutch actuation lever

22821-356-000 clutch cable holder

22850-329-770 clutch rod

22870-356-000 clutch cable

23211-327-770 main shaft

23220-385-010 output shaft

23410-329-000 gear

23481-329-010 gear

23801-329-810 gearbox sprocket 14T

23801-329-000 gearbox sprocket 15T

23811-292-000 final sprocket retaining washer

24211-376-010 selector fork

24212-376-000 selector fork

24213-376-000 selector fork

24263-028-000 Gearshift fork clip

24301-329-010 gear shift drum

24420-329-000 neutral stopper arm

24430-329-030 gear shift drum stopper

24434-329-010 shift drum stopper

24610-329-000 gear shift spindle complete

24701-385-000 gear lever

24710-329-000 washer

25020-385-670 lock set

28210-356-020 kick start pinion gear

28221-385-000 Kickstarter Idle Gear (35T)

28250-376-000 kickstarter shaft

28253-300-000 Kickstarter spring

28252-356-000 kickstarter pawl

28258-329-000 kick starter spring retainer

28261-376-000 kick starter spring

28300-385-000 kick starter

28311-329-000 kick starter rubber

28333-300-000 kick starter spring

30200-329-000 points plate complete

30220-329-024 spark advance unit

30370-329-700 points cover

30372-329-000 points cover gasket

30530-376-405 coil

31121-329-774 stator

3141-329-004 stator coils

31532-385-000 used terminal cover - see also new one 31532-385-000

32105-385-000 sub harness

32108-046-000 connector cover

32111-329-000 stator wire clamper, cord

32111-329-000 stator wire clamper, cord with screw 93500-060120A

32112-333-000 wire clamp

32111-333-000 cable guide points cable

33101-329-671 (USA) headlight rim

33108-028-013 'W' clip headlight rim

33120-329-671 (USA) sealed beam headlight lamp

33400-361-679 rear indicator (and stalk)

33603-053-650 dowels

33603-385-000 indicator rubber mount, collet and bolt set (33603-385-000, 95701-0602500)

33701-098-633 rear light complete

33702-329-003 rear light lens

33719-077-671 mounting rubber

33741-340-670 front reflector

34701-340-670 (USA version) tail light bracket and light

34908-230-000 bulb

35130-385-670 and 35200-358-003 handlebar switches

35750-028-000 neutral switch

35752-329-300 neutral switch washer alone

35753-329-010 neutral switch contact

37111-453-008 instument holder

37112-453-008 instument holder

37200-385-671 speedometer

37240-329-008 tachometer

37260-356-000 tacho cable

37243-453-000 collar

37550-329-680 main beam light set basically exactly the same as the earlier 37550-329-015 but the old green earth/ground wire is now black so a new part number

37551-329-680 main beam filter

37555-370-740 high beam label

38300-386-000 and 38306-292-000 turn/indicator relay and holder round type europe

38300-089-671 rectangular US type flasher relay

38301-386-000 Wiring Loom/winker Relay Holder

38306-107-670 rectangular US type flasher relay rubber holder

41201-329-730 rear sprocket

41202-329-010 rear hub washer

41231-356-000 rear wheel bearing retainer

41242-356-000 cush rubber

42301-385-000 showing nut and spacers rear axle

42306-356-000 spacer

42311-358-000 rear axle sprocket side spacer

42601-356-000 rear hub

42606-356-000 spoke complete

42607-356-000 spoke complete

42615-356-000 sprocket carrier

42717-329-000 wheel rim rubber

43100-385-010 rear brake plate

43120-329-670 brake shoe

43141-329-770 rear brake cam shaft

43145-329-770 wear indicator

43151-329-000 brake shoe spring

43410-385-010 rear brake arm (screw is wrong should not be an Allen head and shows 9501-532-001 too)

43431-355-000 rear brake stay

43450-385-000 rear brake cable

44301-329-000 front axle

45100-329-010 front brake plate (not K3)

44601-329-010 front hub (not K3)

44620-286-000 front axle distance collar

44641-356-000 front hub speedo gearbox retainer ring

44701-385-003 front rim

44800-329-000 speedo drive

44830-356-000 speedo cable

44832-329-000 speedo cable guide

45100-329-770 front brake plate early

45100-385-010 front brake plate complete

45108-457-300 swinging arm bush

45120-329-670 brake shoe

45133-329-000 brake shoe spring

45145-329-770 front brake wear indicator

45410-329-010 front brake arm

45435-357-000 rear brake arm spring

45450-329-010 front brake cable

45452-044-300 rear brake spring

45465-329-010 cable guide

45466-329-000 and 45468-329-000 cable guide

45467-385-000 with 45466-329-000 cable guide

45468-329-000 with 45466-329-000 cable guide

46500-385-000 rear brake pedal

46501-385-000 rear brake arm (pedal end)

46502-385-000 rear brake pedal spring

50351-329-670 earlier 250 sumpguard

50351-385-000 sumpguard

50358-358-000 toolbox mounting clamp

50358-313-010 and 50359-313-010 exhaust clamp

50359-313-010 half of exhaust clamp

50542-310-010 sidestand spring

50610-385-000 footrest complete

50616-356-000 footrest bar

50620-385-000 footrest complete

50624-356-000 footrest bracket

50642-356-000 footrest bar

50710-086-007 helmet lock

50712-385-000 footrest guard

50712-377-000 footrest washer

50713-385-000 footrest bracket

50715-377-000 footrest bar rear

51402-385-000 front main spring

51420-356-000 fork leg/stanchion

51432-357-000 oil lock piece

51440-385-003 fork pipe bottom

51500-356-010 forks complete XL350

51634-340-000 fork stanchion bottom plate

51634-340-000 alternative fork stanchion bottom plate

52108-457-300 swinging arm bush

52141-369-000 swinging arm bush/sleeve

52144-362-000 swinging arm end cap

52400-385-000 rear shock absorbers

52403-391-671 rear shock absorber top

52410-385-003 rear shock absorbers damper

52459-371-003 rear shock absorbers collar

52422-390-003 rear shock absorber adjusters

52457-356-000 rear shock absorber washer

52459-312-003 rear shock absorber spring seat

53100-385-000 handlebar

53133-385-000 handlebar mount rubbers

53166-116-670 left hand handlebar grip

53165-116-670 RIGHT AND 53166-116-670 LEFT pair of handlebar grips; the right hand one is obviously wider as it fits on the twistgrip body not the handlebars direct

53167-385-000 lower twistgrip case

53171-312-003 brake lever handlebar bracket

53192-312-000 handlebar cable adjuster

53212-200-305 steering race

53424-331-000 rear shock absorber alt top

53600-404-611HE steering lock

53168-385-000 twistgrip top housing

53176-329-000 lever dust cover

53220-303-000 headstock nut

61100-386-600 front mudguard

61100-385-670 front mudguard US

61114-033-000 front mudguard mudflap

61301-336-000NR US headlight bucket/shell (plastic)

61301-336-680 headlight shell

61302-292-000 headlight case collar US

61303-336-000 headlight case ground nut

61316-361-000 headlight bracket rubber mount

7720-385-000 seat fitting

80100-385-000 rear mudguard

80109-340-000 number plate/rear light bracket nut plate

80110-312-000 rear number plate washer plate

80111-329-010 rear mudguard bracket

80112-329-010 rear mudguard bracket rubber mount

81330-567-000 sump guard rubber

83500-385-000 tool box, used, complete

83500-385-000 tool box main body new (to complete needs 2mm split pin 94201-20350, lid 83541-385-000, rubber strap 83606-356-000, and tyre sticker 87505-386-670)

83540-385-000za side cover bare as supplied by Honda, then you fit the decals

83540-385-000za side cover, right, complete with 87123-386-670

83541-385-000 tool box lid

83551-300-000 side panel rubber oval mount

83606-356-000 tool box strap

83640-385-000za left side cover, left, complete with 87123-386-670

84701-340-670 rear light bracket US

84701-340-670 rear light bracket US complete with lamp

84706-342-000 collar, rear light bracket mount

87123-386-000 side panel decal

87505-386-000 warning label

87506-340-670 and 17220-385-000 air box lid and label

87506-385-670 battery breather warning label

87511-323-670 helmet holder label

87560-375-680A tank safety label

88110-323-610 and 88120-323-610 mirrors

88430-356-000 speedo cable

89010-329-000 early toolkit such a nice photo I have put it here - the toolkit is now in my garage!

89010-385-000 xl350 tools (used)

89216-376-000 plug spanner

90011-356-000 rocker shaft cap

90012-333-000 tappet adjuster

90013-230-000 oil drain screw

90018-329-000 bolt

90019-329-000 cam bolt

90031-329-000 cylinder head stud

90033-329-770 special cylinder head bolt

90048-329-000 bolt

90101-369-000 kick start screw

90103-286-000 rear engine hanger bolt

90104-376-000 lower engine mount bolt M10

90108-283-000 screw side stand pivot

90111-362-000 handlebar clamp bolts

90114-329-000 handlebar lever bolt

90116-391-670 and 18371-385-000 exhaust clamp and M8 socket bolt

90119-300-000 chain adjuster bolts

90121-356-000 swinging arm spindle (washer 90527-634-670 and nut 90354-268-000 also shown)

90123-300-000 fork top bolts

90124-369-000 bolt headlight mount

90133-028-010 brake stay bolt

90133-107-000 brake stay bolt

90154-268-670 indicator stalk

90154-455-670 front indicator stalk

90155-369-000 yoke top bolts M7

90231-200-010 headstock lock nut

90236-300-000 with 18231-329-000 exhaust flange and nuts

90305-329-000 front wheel nut

90306-329-770 rear wheel nut

90321-315-670 front lever cable adjuster slotted locking nut

90325-044-000 wing nuts air filter cover

90354-268-000 swinging arm nut

90407-205-000 oil drainplug gasket

90434-329-000 locking washer

90441-329-000 copper washer, goes under domed cylinder head nuts

90452-504-010 washer

90503-222-000 steering stem washer

90543-272-000 washer

90549-121-000 washer

90601-329-000 kick start circlip 22mm

90604-292-000 oil pump circlip

90665-329-000 circlip rear wheel

91001-356-000 main bearing

91002-286-008 bearing

91021-356-018 bearing

91022-312-000 bearing

91105-329-300 needle bearing

91203-292-005 oil seal

91204-286-003 oil seal

91205-333-005 drive sprocket oil seal

91206-329-154 oil seal clutch actuator top

91207-329-003 oil seal

91255-300-033 fork oil seal

91256-356-005 oil seal rear wheel

91301-107-000 O ring cylinder base

91301-200-000 O ring

91301-283-005 O ring

91301-329-000 O ring

91306-329-000 O ring

91311-329-000 carb isolator O ring

9200-006-012 sprocket lock washer

92800-12000 drain nut

93500-06018-10 JIS screw crankcase cover

93500-03006 JIS screw

93700-050220A points cover screw M5

93700-060-1202 and 93700-06016 exhaust heat guard screws and insulator

93700-060-1207 exhaust heat guard screws and insulator

93700-06016 M6 screw, oval head

94012-06020 dome nut

94401-25180 woodruff key

94601-19000 wire clip. gudgeon pin

95002-02080 fuel pipe and clips

95011-40000 gear change pedal rubber

95012-13000 battery rubber strap

95014-22200 top handlebar mount

95014-33200 lower handlebar mount

95014-62100 cable tie

95014-61200 cable clamp, frame

95015-25200 thrust washer

95015-32001 brake pedal adjuster pivot

95015-42000 brake pedal adjuster

95015-82000 rear footrest pivot pin

95701-080-2500 and 95700-080-1600 and 90428-844-650 bolts and washer

96201-30001 clutch arm grease nipple

96201-80000 swinging arm grease nipple

98069-38710 (now 98069-58717) spark plug

9900-340-000 handle

99001-10120 spanner 10mm x 12mm

99001-14170 spanner 14mm x 17mm

99002-13500 pliars

99003-10000 Screwdriver blade. The whole set and handles are shown

99006-26000 rear wheel nutspanner (and extension bar 99006-12000)

99103-329-045 slow jet



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